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Striking Their Sound

Striking Their Sound

Who: Matchbox Twenty
Where: Newcastle Entertainment Centre
When: Tuesday July 29, 2003

WITH sales in excess of 12thmillion worldwide, many would regard MATCHBOX TWENTY's debut album ifYourself or Someone Like You as its biggest achievement.

But surprisingly, the band's frontman ROB THOMAS has other ideas.

He believes the band's latest chart-topper ifMore Than You Think You Are captures the sound it has strived for.

``Any band needs time to figure out what you want to do and what your sound is, and in this day in age, a lot of bands don't have that opportunity,'' Thomas said.

``It's not like the days of THE POLICE or U2 .



where you had a few records that could be unsuccessful while you found your sound.

``We were lucky enough to have enough success with our first record that we could get to this third record, where we feel like, `Wow, this is what we'd like to sound like as a band, forever.

This is good'.

''Fans have shared much of the same sentiments and in the US alone, ifMore Than You Think You Are has been certified platinum.

ntsDChart success looks set once again similarly to the band's early singles if3am, Real World, Push and ifIf You're Gone, all of which are radio staples.

nte The album has also paved the way for a world tour which will arrive in Australia on July 25 following an extensive US tour.

Matchbox Twenty's will play NEWCASTLE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE on July 29.

Tickets are on sale from TICKETEK on 4921-2121.

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