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Serious Barron Gets The Belly Laughs

Serious Barron Gets The Belly Laughs

Who: Carl Barron
Where: Civic Theatre
When: Saturday July 12, 2003

CARL BARRON has a knack for turning his obscure curiosities into riotous belly laughs for audiences.

And although the Brisbane-born funnyman has become one of Australia's most loved comedians, Barron concedes that he isn't really that funny.

``No, really, I'm not that funny, I'm actually very serious,'' Barron said.

``But you know, when I was growing up, my dad was obsessed with mosquitoes, so much that he used to spray the entire house with Mortein at least twice a day.

``My dad's friends would come over and I'd be sitting there, all quiet like and they'd say, `Gee, your kid is really good, really quiet.

' ``And Dad would turn around and say, `No, mate, he's just whacked out on Mortein, you see.

'' His observational brand of humour has always been apparent and since leaving his trade as roof tiler to pursue a career in comedy, Barron hasn't looked back.

Australian audiences have lovingly latched on to his deadpan humour and he has kept the crowds laughing with constant touring.

As well as landing sell out performances at major events like the MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL, Barron has also taken his talent overseas.

He has appeared at the legendary COMIC STRIP in New York, which launched the careers of BILLY CRYSTAL and JERRY SEIELD, and shared laughs in London, Dublin, Singapore, Montreal, Auckland and Edinburgh.

Barron has embarked on the WHATEVER COMES NEXT TOUR and will present a string of shows across the Hunter this month.

Following a sell-out date at CIVIC THEATRE NEWCASTLE on July 12, Barron has added a second date for July 11.

Although Barron has given countless performances, he still clearly remembers the first time that he attempted stand-up comedy.

``I wasn't terrified.

``This was no different from telling jokes to your friends, making them laugh.

The only difference was that I was at a venue, which said: `Amateur Comedy Night'.

``I knew I was going to do well.

I thought, `I know what's going on here'.

'' Although Barron is now a regular guest on television programs such as ROVE and THE FOOTY SHOW, he never planned to make a career our of comedy.

``You know, I never set out to be a comedian.

I was just one of these kids at school who like to tell a joke or two.

``It was when I moved to Sydney and saw a live show that I thought, `Gee, I could do that,' and so I did.

'' Obviously, Barron's talent comes naturally.

``I don't think I'm the funny one, I think it's the story that I tell that is funny.

lw4``I usually just talk about things that happened to me as a kid, or just stuff you've thought about but never talked about.

``Sometimes it's weird because, really, I'm just talking to the audience about everyday things in the same way I would talk to my mates.

'' Look out for Carl Barron club dates later in the year.

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