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Ben Brings an Album on Tour

Ben Brings an Album on Tour

Who: Ben Lee
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday September 18, 2003

HOPEFULLY BEN LEE won't be taking directions from fellow muso  BEN FOLDS when he makes his way to Newcastle in September.

When the pair performed at Civic Theatre in March during The Bens tour, Folds accidently co used Newcastle for Newport.

``It was really fun that tour,'' Lee recalled of the tour with Folds and fellow namesake  BEN KWELLER.

 ``I remember when Folds called Newcastle Newport by accident.

'' Lee will return to Newcastle in September, making it his first solo Australian tour following the release of his album ifHey You, Yes You in November 2002 Although the album was released more than six months ago, Lee has been too busy with other projects to support the album with a solo tour.

As well as working with The Bens, Lee has also been busy writing and recording with  EVAN DANDO  and  WAIKIKI 's  JUANITA STEIN.

 ``It's collaboration - I love it.

``I just love people and I love getting inside other people's processes and seeing how they work and what's important to them.

``That kind of stuff is really valuable to me.

'' Lee also made his first attempt at acting and recently wrapped up his big screen debut ifThe Rage In Placid Lake .

``I'm interested in everything, I had a blast making the film so there is no reason for me to say I wouldn't do it again.

``If someone wants me to do it and it feels good I'll do it.

'' Lee will perform at  NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY 's  BAR ON THE HILL  on September 18.

Tickets are on sale on campus from  CONTACT on July 25.

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