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Brian Cadd

Brian Cadd

Who: Brian Cadd
Where: Western Suburbs Leagues Club
When: Thursday July 31, 2003

AFTER 40 years in the music business, it's no surprise that  BRIAN CADD has his fair share of tales to tell.

Cadd's music career began in the early 60s when he joined  THE GROOP.

 It was during the band's first tour of England that Cadd experienced one of his many memorable rock'n'roll moments.

``I was just 21 and we lived off Kings Rd -- it was the centre of the universe,'' Cadd said.

``We'd go down to the shop and get the morning paper and  KEITH RICHARDS  would get out his car to get his paper as well.

``For a 21-year-old it was probably the ultimate experience.

'' Cadd is still living the rock'n'roll dream and was one of 120 legends of Australian rock'n'roll who featured on the  LONG WAY TO THE TOP tour.

Long Way To The Top completed a national Australian in 2002, which was followed by a second smaller scale tour in February 2003.

It was during this tour that Cadd continued to act out the rock'n'roll lifestyle that had left him with so many fond memories.

``Being on the road with 120 people is fantastic.

We're a whole lot of naughty boys, just like we were 25 or 30 years ago.

``After the show we could turn right and go up in the lift and go to bed but instead we turn left and head for the bar.

About 2am we're all back 25 years ago.

``The trouble is next morning at breakfast we all feel about 75 -- but there's something about '60s rockers and we're holding it together pretty well.

'' Following his stint with The Groop, Cadd went on to form  AXIOM with fellow Groop member  DON MUDIE  and former  TWILIGHTS  member  GLENN SHORROCK.

 Axiom had its first major hit in Australia with the release of the debut album ifFools Gold.

 An accomplished songwriter as well as musician, Cadd penned all of Axiom's hits before the band broke up in England in 1969.

Following the split of Axiom, Cadd found success as a solo artist with  GINGER MAN.

 Cadd continues to perform across the country and his skill for songwriting has seen his work performed by some of the biggest names in the music industry.


 In addition, he produced many acts, scored films and wrote and produced some of Australia's most successful advertising and television music.

Between 1973 and 1975, he was one of the twelve directors of the  AUSTRALIAN PERFORMING RIGHTS ASSOCIATION.

 Cadd has recently accepted the post as President of the  AUSTRALIAN MUSIC FOUNDATION  and he is Chairperson of the  AUSMUSIC INDUSTRY ADVISORY BOARD.

 Cadd will perform at  WESTS LEAGUES CLUB  on July 31 with support from by multi instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter  CLARE O'MEARA.

Tickets are on sale now from the club on 4935 1200lw-3.

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