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All Fired Up

All Fired Up

Who: Machine Gun Fellatio, On, DJ Mathmatics, Phat Sheeba
Where: QWB - Queens Wharf Brewery
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Wednesday December 31, 2003

KNOWN professionally as CHIT CHAT VON LOOPIN STAB, he's the keyboard player in raunchy rock act MACHINE GUN FELLATIO.

But after the band's recent jaunt across the UK and North America, the former Novocastrian could easily become renowned as a professional troublemaker.

During the ``tour of debauchery'', Chit Chat broke his collarbone after a drunken escapade riding atop a mechanical bull.

The band was booked to perform at actor JOHNNY DEEP's i amous VIPER ROOM in Beverly Hills the following night and Chit Chat found himself in another compromising position.

``After I slammed my shoulder into the horn of this mechanical bull at a cowboy bar, I woke up in enormous pain and had to do a show at the Viper Room that evening,'' Chit Chat said.

Hosted by porn star RON JEREMY, the show saw Chit Chat strip down midway through the show wearing only a small Winnie the Pooh Bear attached to his penis, much to the disgust of the club's bouncers.

``These two massive black guys were screaming at me `Put your clothes on! Put your clothes on!', and sure enough I did, very quickly.

'' The Viper Room provided one of many memorable late nights for the band during a six-week tour that saw it unleash its bawdy brand of cabaret rock onto unsuspecting audiences.

The tour kicked off in Dublin and worked its way around the US, with the seven-piece playing to crowds big and small, including a sellout show in London.

``It has been a crazy year.

We have been everywhere in the past five months.

'' Since returning to Australian shores, Machine Gun Fellatio has completed a headline tour of the country.

It also recently wrapped up a tour with pop superstar ROBBIE WILLIAMS and 80s veterans DURAN DURAN, which saw the band play to more than 150,000 people across three dates in Sydney and Melbourne.

While the band had some concerns about performing its racy show before the crowd, which mostly comprised teenage girls and their parents, Chit Chat said the band decided to stick it out.

``We just do what we do.

We actually do have a conscience, we're not out to do it for the sake of it and we discussed it before we went on stage.

``We said `Should we tone it down or should we hype it up?', and we just went out and did what we do.

``I'd say ninety percent of the crowd had never seen us before so they had no idea what was going on and when we came out I think we co used them even more.

``By the end of it they were screaming .



whether with fear or joy, I don't know.

'' Machine Gun Fellatio will headline the WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL on December 30 before heading to Newcastle for its final show of 2003.

``We will play in Newcastle at THE BREWERY on New Year's Eve which we are pretty excited about.

``It's gonna be a big show and we've had such an amazing year that it's gonna be quite an emotional night.

``I can't wait to finish the year off in Newcastle because I'm from the town originally and it's going to be a wonderful little homecoming.

'' Chit Chat said the band will preview four tracks from its new album which will be released in early 2004.

The album will follow up the band's debut BRING IT ON and the platinum- selling follow-up PAGING MR STRIKE, which spawned the hits ROLLERCOASTER and PUSSYTOWN.

Machine Gun Fellatio will be supported by ON, DJ MATHMATICS and PHAT CHEEBA.

Tickets are $30 and are on sale from The Brewery.

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