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The Child Within

The Child Within

Who: The Wiggles
Where: Newcastle Entertainment Centre
Author: Tim Isles
When: Wednesday December 17, 2003

THE wonderful world of THE WIGGLES will roll into NEWCASTLE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE with two shows on Wednesday, December 17.

The entertainers who have rewritten the book about how children can be entertained with song and dance are set to light up the faces of their devoted young fans.

GREG PAGE (Yellow), MURRAY COOK (Red), JEFF FATT (Purple) and ANTHONY FIELD (Blue), and the characters they have created, have become a part of the lives of children.

The names DOROTHY THE DINOSAUR, WAGS THE DOG, HENRY THE OCTOPUS and CAPTAIN FEATHERSWORD THE FRIENDLY PIRATE are as recognisable to children as The Wiggles themselves.

The Wiggles have created a catalogue of music, television, video and film that have proven to be modern classics.

The Wiggles have always been a touring band, which in part explains the success they have enjoyed.

They have kept in constant contact with their public and the public has responded to the music and characters they have created.

The Wiggles are an Australian success story that cuts across all demographics and it has now begun to spread across the world stage.

Field, Cook and Page met while studying early- childhood education at Sydney's Macquarie University.

The three began writing children's songs as one of their music projects.

They enlisted the help of Jeff Fatt, who played with Anthony in the popular 1980s band THE COCKROACHES, and The Wiggles were born.

The Wiggles took the finished tape to ABC MUSIC, which released a self-titled album in 1991.

The album has since achieved gold and platinum status and The Wiggles themselves have gone on to become one of the most popular and successful performing acts in Australia, in any age group.

The Wiggles continue to entertain more and more children around the world.

Their ability to relate to their young audience and to create songs that are both entertaining and educational has made them incredibly popular with both children and their parents.

It has been estimated that one-in-two toddlers in Australia either sing along to The Wiggles on video or CD at home or have been to a Wiggles concert.

Couple their unique song- writing ability with the foursome's genuine enjoyment of what they do, and the result is a live show which has the littlies (and adults) dancing, clapping and singing in the aisles.

The band's early- childhood training continues to i luence the approach they take with their live shows, videos and THE WIGGLES MOVIE.

Anthony Field feels that a lot of The Wiggles' success comes from their knowledge of child development.

``A lot of what we do comes from a child's perspective'', Field said.

``It's got a lot to do with what songs are about and the language we use, and I like to think we know how to write pretty catchy tunes.

'' Right from the start The Wiggles were proven to be on the right track by the most discerning audience of them all: the children themselves.

Their list of awards for albums, singles and videos coupled with their extraordinary sales figures would be the envy of any contemporary artist.

The devotion of their enormous, young fan-base sees tickets to their live shows snapped up within minutes.

Huge crowds of children and their parents turn up at any live appearance, often in matching skivvies! Their successful first self- titled album, which garnered gold for HERE COMES A SONG, was followed up by wall-to- wall platinum albums in YUMMY YUMMY, BIG RED CAR, WIGGLY WIGGLY CHRISTMAS and WAKE UP JEFF.

The group's latest works include TOOT TOOT!, IT'S A WIGGLY WIGGLY WORLD, YULE BE WIGGLING, HOOP-DEE-DOO IT'S A WIGGLY PARTY, WIGGLY SAFARI, WIGGLE BAY, SPACE DANCING - AN ANIMATED ADVENTURE and the newest CD/video, WHOO HOO! WIGGLY GREMLINS! Tickets are available at TICKETEK on 4929-1977 or from Newcastle Entertainment Centre on 4921-2121.

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