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Right Royal Encore

Right Royal Encore

Who: Queen It's A Kind Of Magic
Where: Civic Theatre
When: Friday August 15, 2003

A DECADE ago, CRAIG PESCOS was singing the music of QUEEN to audiences at small pubs in Manchester.

Today he performs before capacity crowds around the globe in the acclaimed tribute band QUEEN IT'S A KIND OF MAGIC.

In the past five years the band has completed tours across Europe, Britain, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Japan and New Zealand.

The band will make its Australian debut this month during a string of dates around the country, many of which have already sold out, at venues such as the ENMORE THEATRE, ROYAL THEATRE and Newcastle's CIVIC THEATRE.

``In the last couple of years it has really taken off,'' Pescos said.

``If someone had told me 10 years ago that it would have got to this point, I wouldn't have believed it.

'' The idea for the show came from Pescos' fascination with Queen and its enigmatic frontman FREDDIE MERCURY.

For something that started off as a small-scale gig, it has since turned into a full-blown concert spectacular that has become described as the closest thing fans will ever come to seeing the real thing.

``The show takes in highlights of Queen's career, so the costumes that I wear as Freddie cover all of the high points of Queen's show.

``We do things like the LIVE AID appearance, the MAGIC TOUR of 1986 and put it into one concert.

'' Pescos said that more than a decade of hard work had allowed the band to become the success it is today.

``We've watched hundreds of hours of video of the band and because I have been a huge fan of Queen for years I can access that and blend it all in together.

``This band is a result of 10 years building up to that point and we have been doing it for so long that it has almost become second nature to us.

``It's now at a stage where because the band is touring so much, we've actually sat down with vocal coaches and watched the facial muscles of Freddie and how he reaches certain notes.

'' The two-hour show features more than 20 of Queen's biggest hits including WE WILL ROCK YOU, BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, FAT BOTTOM GIRLS and WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS.

Prepared to handle any request, Pescos said the band has even thrown a few rarities into the set.

``We cover every top-10 song that the band ever had and also cover the lesser known material like SAVE ME.

``We listen to the people that come to see us and the Queen fans are very fired up and they love their music and you don't do it properly they'll be the first ones to tell you.

'' Considering the fact that Queen It's a Kind of Magic is a tribute band, its success is quite phenomenal.

``I think the main attraction of the show is the fact that it's timeless music and its the performance of Freddie.

``You don't see too many characters like him today in music.

'' The group will perform a sell-out show at CIVIC THEATRE NEWCASTLE on August 15 and a second show on August 17.

Tickets for the second show are on sale from the theatre on 4929-1977.

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