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Herd Mentality Sees Comment On Life, Politics

Herd Mentality Sees Comment On Life, Politics

Who: The Herd, Good Buddha, Bladez of Hadez
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday August 29, 2003

WITH a total of 11 members, there's certainly no shortage of talent among hip hop collective THE HERD.

The group of MCs, DJs, producers and instrumentalists formed its first incarnation in 1998 with the creation of the record label ELEFANT TRAKS before becoming The Herd in 2000.

``It all really stemmed out of the record label,'' The Herd producer ALEJANDRO said.

``It was started by a bunch of friends who wanted to put together a compilation but then we realised that instead of all sitting in our studios on our own, we'd be better off getting together and trying to collaborate.

'' The Herd released its debut album in 2001 and it drew interest from critics for its insightful lyrics.

The album included the playful single SCALLOPS, a radio hit which u ortunately drew away from the rest of the album's messages.

``I think the first album attracted so much attention with the song Scallops that people really overlooked a lot of the album,'' Alejandro said.

In February, The Herd returned with its second album AN ELEFANT NEVER FORGETS.

Like the first album, this new album is filled with commentary on life and politics and also shows a real diversity in the band's music.

The release of the album adds to a busy year that has the band on tour with the likes of UGLY DUCKLING and GRANDMASTER FLASH.

The Herd is on tour with GOOD BUDDHA and will perform with the band and BLADES OF HADES at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Friday night.

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