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IT has been less than a year

IT has been less than a year

Who: Gelbison, Sarah Blasko
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday August 16, 2003

IT has been less than a year since GELBISON released its debut album 1704 but plans are already underway a second.

And according to keyboardist NADAV KAHN , the band is maintaining a relaxed attitude.

``I don't know the next record is going to be the product of a whole lot of our individual songs or it's going to be a product of going into the studio and starting it fresh,'' Kahn said.

``We're pretty relaxed and open about it and I think whatever feels right, we're going to go with.

'' Kahn said each member has been working individually and will reunite in the studio when the band wraps up touring commitments.

``Everybody has been all over the place in the last month so everything has been at a stand still.

'' Kahn and his brother EDO , who provides vocals and guitar for Gelbison, have also been working on a country-based side project with THE SLEEPY JACKSON 's LUKE STEELE .

Kahn said Gelbison is likely to record its next album in Australia and will probably team up with GOMEZ 's IAN BALL who recorded the band's first album.

Gelbison will perform at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Saturday night with SARAH BLASKO before returning to the BAR ON THE HILL on October 23 to support SOMETHING FOR KATE.

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