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Who: Gelbison, Gersey, Mickyfin
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday April 11, 2003

NOTHING much is planned with Sydney band Gelbison.

The band was lazily formed after a few jam sessions in 2000 and recording is often done on the spur of the moment.

``I think probably 70% of what we do is unplanned and 30% is planned,'' drummer David Galafassi said.

``Our whole philosophy is to just go with the flow and see what happens.

'' Gelbison's debut album 1704 was released last week and showcases the band's penchant for experimentation and atmospheric rock.

The single Homeland has become a staple on Triple J, but is just a taste of what the album has to offer.

Recorded over a six month period in a variety of makeshift studios, including a barn in Ulla Dulla and at sound check during a tour with Gomez, the album's sound is surprisingly polished considering its origins.

``The recording process just allowed us freedom they way we did it.

We didn't go into a studio because we had our own gear which was portable.

``We wanted it to be as good as it possibly could be so we did everything we could and we used whatever was at our disposal.

'' As well as rounding up a few friends to add strings to the album, other features include cicadas and a drunken performance from the band's Nadav Kahn.

``One night after a gig in the UK we were staying in a hotel and we went out and got a bit tipsy.

``Nadav passed out - or fell asleep - on his keyboard and we were recording at the time.

He had it going through some delays and effects and over about 90 minutes it morphed into this whirlwind sound'' ``So we recorded that and put it on the end of (the track) Good God.

'' Fresh from supporting Beck on his Australian tour last month, Gelbison will return to Newcastle this week for the third time.

The band will perform at the Cambridge Hotel on Saturday night with Gersey and Mickyfin.

Tickets are available on the door.

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