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Words Come Easy For Aussie Icon

Words Come Easy For Aussie Icon

Who: John Williamson
Where: Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Friday September 13, 2002

ASK JOHN WILLIAMSON how many albums he has released and he'll tell you it's 'probably about 25.'

He is actually up to album number 29 and the new year saw the release of Williamson's latest album, GUNYAH. The album is one of Williamson's most personal to date and is dedicated to his younger brother, Robin, who died in 1999 after battling cancer.

It features the track SALISBURY STREET, a tribute to Robin written the day before he died.

'It was one of those situations where the song came to me on the last day I saw him,' Williamson said.

'I almost had pangs of guilt that I was even thinking about songs at that stage but I just couldn't help it, the words were there.'

As well as sentimental tracks, the album is enriched with Williamson's talent to capture the Aussie spirit and, at the same time, tell a good yarn.

Patriotic, funny and insightful, the album was written with no particular theme but to share his stories with the world.

BURIED IN HER BEDCLOTHES was written after meeting a widowed woman on the Indian Pacific and MIGHTY BIG RIVER was written in reference to the legendary Snowy River.

Putting pen to paper comes naturally to Williamson, who finds himself inspired by even the smallest of things.

'I never know where the songs are going to come from,' he said.

'As long as I go out looking for songs I'll find them and that will be true until the day I die because there's no limit to the areas and characters I can write about.'

In 1997 he wrote a poem to capture the spirit of the Newcastle Knights' grand final victory.

Although Williamson is not a Novocastrian, he felt such spirit among the Newcastle community that he felt the urge to capture the moment through song.

'I was that inspired by the fact that it seemed like the people had won, it was a victory for the people to get the game back.'

Williamson is celebrating more than 30 years in the business.

His career began in 1970 when his debut single, OLD MAN EMU , went to number one on the national charts.

Williamson followed it up with a string of classics including songs like TRUE BLUE, RIP RIP WOODCHIP, BOOMERANG CAFE and GOODBYE BLINKY BILL. Williamson is on tour to promote his new album and will perform at BELMONT 16FT SAILING CLUB on Saturday and WESTS LEAGUES CLUB on Sunday.

Tickets are available from the venues.

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