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Positively Gorgeous

Positively Gorgeous

Who: Gorgeous, Kelly Stoner, Skye, Anousha Victiore, Ionic, Gush
Where: Morrow Park Bowling Club
When: Saturday October 12, 2002

ORIGINAL, soulful and comfortable. That's the best way to describe SALAR COUCH CAFE'S latest incarnation SALARIUM. Salarium is an extension of the Salar's live music series and will host the first instalment at MORROW PARK BOWLING CLUB on Saturday night.

Titled ORIGINAL, the show will feature Brisbane duo GORGEOUS and five local acts.

Gorgeous is on a national tour to support the release of its third album TWELVE PLUS 1 which was released on Monday.

Fans can expect to hear much of the same bittersweet melodies, layered with sounds of guitar, cello and violin with added touches of mandolin.

Gorgeous' FI CLAUS said the album had a similar sound to previous efforts but with a little more positivity.

'This album has the same direct kind of songs but there is a bit more of a sense of resolution within the music,' Claus said.

'Although it does deal with some heavy issues, there seems to be a positive glow around them if you listen to the songs.'

Supporting Gorgeous will be KELLY STONER, SKYE, ANOUSHA VICTIORE, IONIC and GUSH. The show starts at 7.30pm and entry is $15.

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