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Strange Acts in the Night

Strange Acts in the Night

Who: Machine Gun Fellatio, DJ Katalys, The Happy Sideshow
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Thursday October 3, 2002

IT'S no secret that MACHINE GUN FELLATIO has a reputation for being one of Australia's strangest live acts.

From bizarre costuming to naked cartwheels, the band has managed to shock many audiences all over the country.

When the band performs at CLUBNOVA PANTHERS NEWCASTLE tomorrow night, things look set to be just as insane.

The band will be supported by THE HAPPY SIDESHOW, an unusual performance group.

Machine Gun Fellatio discovered the act after frontman PINKY BEECROFT saw it performing in Brisbane.

'They do things that will blow your mind,' Beecroft said.

'In fact, they are much better to watch than we are, they are a side show and they do really spectacularly strange things to a groovy beat.'

Beecroft said some of the attractions will include a hula hoop champion and a man who swallows a lit fluorescent tube.

Machine Gun Fellatio, which released second album PAGING MR STRIKE last month, will be supported by DJ KATALYST and The Happy Sideshow tomorrow night from 8.

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