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Lucksmiths Drop into Newcastle

Who: The Lucksmiths, Hooper , Boyracer
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday May 10, 2002

THEY named their album Where Were We? and that's exactly what fans of The Lucksmiths may have been wondering lately.

The Melbourne four piece have returned from a successful tour of Japan, England, Sweden and North America and are ready to go at it again.

But this time the tour will be short and sweet, covering only Newcastle and Sydney.

The melodic folk group found plenty of new fans last year when they sold out shows in New York, Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco.

Back at home, the boys are concentrating on the release of the new album, a collection of songs that came together between 1999 and 2001.

'It wasn't really recorded as an album as such,' songwriter and guitarist Marty Donald said.

'It's a compilation of tracks that we had recorded over a period of years, so it was easy and it's kind of like getting a bonus album.'

Donald wrote much of the material for the album while at home.

'We did a lot of touring last year and I find it very difficult to write songs while we're touring,' he said.

The Lucksmiths will perform at the The Cambridge Hotel on Friday night with Hooper and Boyracer.

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