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Life on Hold as Hart Pours Soul Into His Latest Album

Life on Hold as Hart Pours Soul Into His Latest Album

Who: Mick Hart
Where: Northern Star Hotel
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Saturday May 25, 2002

WHILE some feel the year has flown by, the past five months have been some of the slowest for Mick Hart. Hart, who is known for his mammoth touring schedule, has had his head down working feverishly on his second album Upside Down in the Full Face of Optimism. A stranger away from the life of touring, Hart said the past five months had passed incredibly slowly.

He can't wait to get back on the road.

'You feel so completely blessed to be able to play live and when you stop, you kind of feel yourself scratching to just get out and play,' Hart said.

'It's just that release you get from a live gig and I'm really missing it.'

Hart's new album was released on Monday and he will perform tracks from it with his band at the Northern Star Hotel on Saturday night.

Compared to his debut Still The Flowers Bloom, Hart says the new album is more emotional.

'On the last album we did 15 days in a studio, which was amazing, but when you have to nail everything in those 15 days it's really emotionally draining.'

'The last album was emotional but it probably had a bit more intensity in there, where as this time we wanted to take a more free approach.'

After finishing up his national tour, Hart said he hopes to relocate to France for a while.

'There was a chance this album wasn't going to happen because I was going to get up and go over there, but I thought, Let's just get the album finished and be patient".'

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