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Lavaland Primed to Let Their Diverse Show Flow at SJs

Lavaland Primed to Let Their Diverse Show Flow at SJs

Who: Lavaland
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Wednesday May 29, 2002

IT'S surprising that Lavaland ever surfaced.

Started out by the odd coupling of Jeremy Green and Mark Bowring, the union proved that opposites attract.

Both Green and Bowring share diverse musical interests, which are clearly reflected in Lavaland's electronic, rock and pop stylings.

'There's never enough tension when you're creating music,' singer Green said.

'But I think that the tension and differences in our tastes is why we come up with what we have and you have to respect that.'

Add bassist Chris Armott and drummer Mal Larri to the mix and you have one of Triple J's favourite new bands.

The lads tasted radio success last year with the release of the single Everwonder which will be followed up by the new single Wired when it is released on June 17.

Both are taken from the forthcoming debut album which has been given the tentative title Manula. 'We're not sure if we're going to keep the title, but it seems to enthral a lot of people.'

'Basically, someone tried to spell the word manual and they spelt it manula, which had a nice ring to it.'

The album is due for release in September and Green said the band may add to the track listing.

'We haven't been into the studio for a couple of months, but if we go back in we'll come up with something amazing.'

Lavaland will perform at SJ's Hotel next Wednesday and entry is free.

TE has four copies of Wired to give away.

See page 61 for entry details.

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