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Beautiful Girls Blend in

Beautiful Girls Blend in

Who: The Beautiful Girls
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Sunday May 19, 2002

BECK managed to successfully cross country blues with hip hop so there is no reason why Sydneysiders The Beautiful Girls can't do the same.

With influences ranging from the Beastie Boys to Lightnin' Hopkins, the trio has put together a real mixed bag of an album.

Its debut album Morning Sun was released in March and features eight tracks moving between blues, reggae, acoustic, electric and jazz.

'When I wrote the songs, I was listening to a lot of old blues music and heaps of hip hop and I wanted to just try and put the two together,' guitarist Mat McHugh said.

The band has already been given the stamp of approval from Triple J listeners with the first single Periscopes on high rotation.

The band will debut in Newcastle at the Northern Star Hotel on Saturday night, supporting blues star Chris Wilson.

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