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Old Underground Favourite Surfaces in Nine Day Tour

Old Underground Favourite Surfaces in Nine Day Tour

Who: The Mark of Cain, Cog, Further
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Thursday June 13, 2002

FOR The Mark of Cain fans, things haven't been looking that promising on the touring front.

In the past three years, the band has performed only three brief tours even after the release of their latest album This Is This. But the time has finally arrived and fans of the Adelaide three-piece will have the chance to see the legendary band live at Newcastle University tomorrow night.

Although the band has spent much of its time as an underground favourite for the past 18 years, it recently found commercial success in an unusual place.

Two of the band's tracks, The Contender and Lockdown, have featured heavily on the two Australian Big Brother series.

But commercial success is not what the band has strived for.

'It's great if you can make it, whatever that means, but it's never been this all-encompassing thing for us,' vocalist and guitarist John Scott says.

'We've always worked and tried to fit things in with our private life.'

'We're just looking at recording things we like, that we want to do, that isn't particularly pointed towards any commercial concerns.'

Apart from The Mark of Cain, each member has a full-time job working on other projects.

Drummer John Stainer tours internationally in Mike Patton's supergroup Tomahawk and Scott has been working on the score for a new Australian film The Thirteen House. The band kicked off a nine-date tour last week and will perform at the Bar On the Hill tomorrow night with Further and Cog. Tickets are available from Contact.

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