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Amy is Happy To Go It Alone

Amy is Happy To Go It Alone

Who: Amy Vee
Where: Nag's Head Hotel
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Friday January 11, 2002

SHE has starred in major stage productions, is a member of one of the Newcastle's most popular bands and is a budding solo artist.

Since she began singing eight years ago, Amy Vee has not stopped.

She makes up one third of the band Fruitcake and performs in a duo called The Vees with her father Mike Vee. Amy recently kicked off a solo career and has performed around Newcastle for the past two months.

Performing with just an acoustic guitar, Amy said she has received a good response from her gigs and is enjoying her career as a solo artist.

'It's a bit of a challenge, but I prefer doing my solo stuff at the moment,' she said. 'The solo thing is also a bit easier on me because I am in the middle of a uni degree.'

She has also tried acting. She was in Les Miserables at Civic Theatre in 2000 and played a lead role in West Side Story at ClubNova last year.

Catch Amy at Nags Head Hotel on Friday and with The Vees at Beaumont Exchange Hotel on Saturday.

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