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Four-piece Set to Let The Good Times Start Rocking

Who: The Good
Where: Blackbutt Hotel
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Friday January 25, 2002

Local rock act The Good has recruited a new member and is one of the most versatile and diverse acts on the live scene in Newcastle.

Frontman Gareth Hudson, drummer Dean Gearing and bassist Heather Barnes recruited fellow muso Jason Bone in time to record their debut album.

Bone joined four months ago and has become a valuable asset to the group with his talents on saxophone, guitar and keyboards.

After winning a recording deal in the Bundy Band Comp at The Castle last year, The Good has been busy recording the album with producer Mark Tinson. 'We've nearly finished the album, so it should be out in the next few months,' Bone said.

'It's a bit different to what we usually do, it's not as poppy.

'It's a bit more out there and I think people are going to be a bit surprised.'

Bone said he had received a good response from punters during live gigs and had added an extra element to the band.

'I play guitar mostly and saxophone and keyboards, so I'm pretty diverse.'

Before joining The Good, Bone was in covers band ESP. Catch The Good as a four-piece when they perform at Blackbutt Hotel on Friday and the Ducks Nuts Hotel on January 30 before they take a break in February.

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