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Supersonic Hit New Year Stage

Supersonic Hit New Year Stage

Who: Supersonic
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Thursday January 24, 2002

SUPERSONIC will make their debut performance for 2002 during a showcase performance at SJ's Hotel tomorrow night.

The four-piece has been busy putting together new material and will premiere three new tracks at the hotel.

The show will also act as a welcome back for drummer Tim Russell who has been out of action for the past four months after an injury.

'It's gonna be huge,' frontman Mark Wells said.

'We've got some new material, so the next gig will be the world premiere.'

Wells said the loss of Russell was difficult and the band was looking forward to performing together again.

'We were drumming with five different drummers at one stage, so this show is like a welcome back Timmy",' Wells said.

The band also celebrates the success of its second EP All In A Day which has nearly sold out its first pressing and received interest from Germany.

Wells also believes sales have risen after two of their videos received play on Rage. 'That's been very good for us getting on Rage, because the CDs have been selling quite well,' he said.

'It was such a good feeling as well to see the Rage symbol come up and then see the name Supersonic after it.'

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