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Long Way in a Short Musical History

Long Way in a Short Musical History

Who: Stonemason
What: Mayfirld Hotel's Battle of the Bands
Where: Mayfield Hotel
Author: Yae Morton
When: Friday February 8, 2002

HEAVY metal act Stonemason is on the verge of the most important gig it has played in its short history.

Since forming six months ago, Stonemason has made it to the finals of the Mayfield Hotel's Battle of the Bands competition.

With its collection of melodic tracks and powerful vocals, the band has received the chance to win the first prize of $650 in Friday night's competition.

Stonemason will be up against four other bands in the competition.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Dean Holmes said he appreciated participation from the crowd during performances.

'I'm going to start encouraging a few people to get up and mosh, try and get an audience happening,' he said.

Along with Holmes, Stonemason is made up of Dave North on bass and Gavin Carstairs on drums.

Stonemason originated with only Holmes and North but after meeting Carstairs at a Tool concert the band hooked up for a jam session.

'We lined up a jam and went from there,' Holmes said.

Describing its influences as Tool, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Godsmack, Holmes said Stonemason is looking forward to bigger and better things.

'We're going to try and play a few gigs around town and get a name ... hopefully half way through next year we'll record an EP.'

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