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Girls Tread Boards and Rock in Docs

Who: Women In Docs
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Sunday September 9, 2001

ROZ Pappalardo and Chanel Lucas love their Doctor Martens shoes so much that they named their band after the famed boot.

'We know the name makes a statement but we aren't feminist Nazis,' Roz says.

'It really is just that we wear Doc Martens, they're good to play in and they're good to lug things in.

'The name makes a statement that we're women and that we're here, but not much else.'

Women In Docs was formed in 1998 and the pair found their name soon after performing one of their first gigs.

'One day, the host of the club where we were performing said I can't keep introducing you as Roz and Chanel. I'm calling you Women In Docs".'

Naming the band after the shoe has had its perks: the duo has sponsorship from a Brisbane Doctor Martens retailer.

Women In Docs will perform at the Northern Star Hotel on Sunday to promote the release of their new live recording, which displays their strong melodies and vocals.

'We don't have a commercial sound but that's not what we're really in it for,' Roz says.

'We know it's the kind of thing that can attract a good live crowd.'

Entry is free and the girls will hit the stage at 9pm.

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