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Simply Barbra Brings Streisand Magic to Life

Simply Barbra Brings Streisand Magic to Life

Who: Simply Barbra
Where: Western Suburbs Leagues Club
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Saturday September 29, 2001

IF tickets to Barbra Streisand's show in Sydney last year were too pricey for you, the next best thing would be to get along and catch Simply Barbra at Wests Leagues Club this month.

Direct from New York, Steven Brinberg does a stunning rendition of Streisand and has received acclaim from critics and fans around the world.

'I'm an impersonator, but I'm not doing a straight impersonation,' Brinberg says.

'You get a sense there's a part of me in there, even though I sound and talk and look like her, my sense of humour comes through.'

His breezy vocal style has been described as eerily similar to Streisand, and the show is done with no miming or lip-synching.

The fact is, Brinberg is a dead ringer for the American diva.

And although he wears a dress, make-up and a wig, he insists that Simply Barbra is not a drag show.

'It's not over the top. If you took away the costume and the make-up I could still entertain and do a show,' he said.

His fascination with Streisand comes from a deep respect and love for the star.

'Streisand's voice is so remarkable it does something to me,' Brinberg explains.

'You have to choose someone who's really fascinating.'

His stunning performance comes from hours of listening to Streisand's records and watching her films constantly.

'The speaking voice, that sort of breathy, soft voice, was harder to get than the singing voice,' he said.

Simply Barbra combines a mix of classic Streisand songs such as Evergreen with gossipy schtick poking fun at Streisand's perfectionism and marriage to James Brolin.

'In short, the show is funny, but never crude,' Brinberg said.

Brinberg last toured Australia in 2000.

Interestingly, his subject was touring the country around the same time.

Simply Barbra is returning to Australia and will appear at Wests Leagues Club on September 29. Tickets to the show are available from the club.

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