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Mad Lads Love to Play, Have a Good time

Mad Lads Love to Play, Have a Good time

Who: Loonatic Fringe
Where: Mary Ellen Hotel
Author: Michael Gadd
When: Friday June 1, 2001

THE mad blokes of Loonatic Fringe love to play.

'If you can't have fun playing music then, man, I don't know if you can ever have fun,' that is how passionate one member of the duo, Dave Carter, is about their show.

Carter has been playing with his other half, Paul Elliott for a long time, but they have only been the Loonies for about four years.

'We are simply two guys who love singing and playing the guitar,' Carter said.

'After we perform the audience don't comment on our technical ability or anything like that, but on how much fun we are having.'

The Loonies will play the Ace Of Clubs on Saturday for the first time.

Carter said the pair live up to their jovial name by default.

'We do have opinions and beliefs, but when we air them nobody seems to take us seriously, probably just as well.'

Clad in bad suits, wide ties and loud shirts, Loonatic Fringe frequent pubs and clubs all over Newcastle and the Hunter.

Carter said playing in such retro attire is the closest they will ever get to wearing a tie to work.

Predominantly a covers band, their show slips between 'Hits and Memories 2KO' to something that is 'quite current'.

They draw their songs from a wide repertoire which includes the classics of Bob Dylan and Neil Young to modern day masterpieces by Powderfinger and Nirvana.

But it is totally dependent on what the crowd is up for.

Other Loonatic Fringe gigs include the Mary Ellen Hotel on Friday, Belmont Hotel on Sunday, The Delany on June 7, Zorro's Bar on June 8 and Aberdare Tavern on June 10.

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