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Stephen is Casting his Spell Over People of the Hunter

Stephen is Casting his Spell Over People of the Hunter

Who: Steven Spellmaster
Where: Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
When: Saturday March 24, 2001

IN a profession rife with cynicism, former Wickham panel-beater Stephen Russon is known for turning heads and making jaws drop.

Better known as Steven Spellmaster, he claims to be Australia's youngest and funniest hypnotist.

Spellmaster will perform at the Belmont 16 Footers Sailing Club on Saturday, from 8.30pm.

Spellmaster spends 11 months of the year on the road and has recently been touring the Hunter Valley.

Spellmaster has been featured on several Australian TV programs, most notably The Footy Show and the now-defunct Midday with Kerri-Anne. He is probably remembered fondly by rugby league fans after he once hypnotised 50 people before a Newcastle Knights match at Marathon Stadium in front of 22,000 spectators.

A self-proclaimed non-drinker, non-smoker and fitness fanatic, Steven Spellmaster's life revolves around performing.

He is rewarded by is regular sell-out crowds.

A graduate from a private college in Sydney, with a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy under his belt, Spellmaster has been entertaining audiences with his hypnotic antics since 1991.

Displaying his talent, Spellmaster has travelled throughout Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Canada and America.

In 1991, Spellmaster flew to America where he became the first busking hypnotist, working in places like Venice Beach and Santa Cruz.

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