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Beefweek Coming to End

Who: The Australian Beef Week Show
Where: Lass O' Gowrie
When: Saturday June 9, 2001

The Australian Beefweek Show will say goodbye to show business with one final night of debauchery on Saturday at the Lass O'Gowrie Hotel.

It seems the band, which has managed to offend crowds in a time where it is almost impossible to do so, is finally getting ready to settle down.

Chris Wash is going north to do some sailing, while Pete Bufo is living the good life with his wife and kids in Bellingen.

'Little' Pete Moffat is still playing around town in various outfits and Anthony Mudge is going back to London for a two-year working holiday with his girlfriend because he is 'getting restless'.

The band rose to fame after incidents including an impromptu nude set at the University of New England opened, in a manner of speaking, a can of worms for future performances.

Mudge says there is a very good chance of nudity at the Lass on Saturday night.

The band, who has always been welcoming to anyone who would like to help them out on stage, is inviting any person who has played on stage with them in any capacity throughout their career.

Throughout their time together they have toured up and down the east coast.

'That is easy to do when you have no commitments or responsibility, but some of us have grown up,' Mudge said.

They released a CD entitled The Russian Lunch Affair and played a gig at a 7-year-old's birthday party.

Here they recorded a film clip for the title track of their LP, which was aired a couple times on ABC's Rage.

Mudge said there would be prizes on the night, but he was not yet sure what they would be.

The night starts at 8pm and they expect to play non-stop until Ian at the Lass kicks them out at midnight.

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