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Bring Cushion and a Candle

Who: DyMyR, Bernadette Lannen, Nate Downie
Where: Northern Star Hotel
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Friday June 29, 2001

Since releasing his debut solo album last month, local artist DyMyR has opted to hold an 'official' album launch at the Northern Star Hotel on Friday evening.

The album has been selling well at DyMyR's gigs and at selected record stores.

DyMyR says the launch will be a low-key affair where everyone is invited to come along and 'bring a candle and a cushion'.

DyMyR will be joined by Erin member Bernadette Lannen and saxophonist and violinist Nate Downie. The gig will kick off about 9.30pm.

DyMyR said the launch will be an acoustic performance of new tracks where he will give a little background on the tracks.

'I'm not one to sit there and go through the songs mechanically,' he said.

'When I go to watch someone play, I like to see a bit of character.'

The free gig will be a welcome home for the singer who has just returned from a trip to Brisbane where he performed low-key shows in pubs along the way.

'There will be no fireworks or cheergirls, just me and my guitar,' DyMyR said

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