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Brindle Unveil New Direction in Sound

Brindle Unveil New Direction in Sound

Who: Brindle
Where: Lucky Country Hotel
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Wednesday June 20, 2001

Brisbane band Brindle will perform at the Lucky Country Hotel tonight as they make their way down the coast to perform gigs in Sydney and Melbourne.

The group is made up of Deb Suckling on vocals, Simon Walker on drums, Danny Radford on bass and Craig Spann on guitar.

They recently released their second EP titled Stories and held the launch party at The Healer in Brisbane, where it was met with a rousing response.

The group's guitarist Craig Spann said that Suckling's soaring melodies had marked a major shift from Brindle's acoustic-based debut EP.

Spann said the style of the group's new EP ranged from super-tight melodic pop/rock to moody dub, proving the band's need to try something different.

Already the EP has sparked interest, with a number of tracks featured on the Triple J Ozmusic show.

The group formed three years ago and has already performed alongside artists George, Screamfeeder, Not From There, Denvar, Pollen, Resin Dogs and Custard's David McCormack

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