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Peabody Brings Funk and Punk to the Lucky

Peabody Brings Funk and Punk to the Lucky

Who: Peabody, Twelve 24, Audiophile
Where: Lucky Country Hotel
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Thursday June 14, 2001

Yoy can expect to see Sydney-based punk group Peabody rock up to the Lucky Country Hotel tomorrow night in its finest attire, wearing pegged pants, thin ties and waistcoats.

The band's interesting fashion sense is reflected in its music which has been described by Revolver magazine as 'tasty chunks of Elvis Costello and Beatles-style ultra melody coarsened up by frantic drumming'.

The energetic three-piece outfit is fronted by lead singer and guitarist Bruno Brayovic, who lists one of his duties as being the stuntman for the band.

Bruno will be joined by drummer Graeme Trewin and bassist Ben 'Champagne' Chamie as the group passes through Newcastle on its journey towards Brisbane.

A popular crowd pleaser on the pub circuit, the group has released two EP's to date, Hi-Cycle and the latest offering Rock, Girls and Computers. Joining the bill tomorrow night is Sydney group Twelve 24 and Novocastrians, Audiophile.

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