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All-girl Group at Club G

All-girl Group at Club G

Who: Mettaphor
Where: Club G (The Barracks)
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Saturday July 28, 2001

They have packed venues throughout the USA and performed in front of huge crowds at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and now Mettaphor will perform at Club G on July 28.

The four-piece all-girl group from Queensland has enjoyed whirlwind success since it was named the Sunshine Coast Entertainers of 2001.

Each member shares diverse and established careers in the performing arts including experience in stage and sound production, theatre, dance, percussion and vocal.

Acoustic guitar and bass, chunky saxophone, hand percussion and harmony vocals are the basis for the group which got together about two years ago.

Starting out as a trio, members recruited bass player Jodi on their national tour of the USA.

Throughout their career they have performed with Australian artists such as Tiddas, Christine Anu, Yothu Yindi, The Bluehouse and Manu Hiri. Last year they flew out of the country for a 10-week tour.

The tour, named Djunda Djundaya, saw them perform 24 shows around the US.

Slice is the name of the group's first EP which looks at anything from love to indigenous issues.

Mettaphor is set to begin work on its first album next month.

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