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The Art of Greed up for Grabs

The Art of Greed up for Grabs

What: Up For Grabs
Where: Civic Theatre
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Wednesday July 25, 2001

AUSTRALIAN playwright David Williamson will bring a new stage production discussing greed in the art world to the Civic Theatre from today.

The star of Up For Grabs is actor Garry MacDonald who says the play has been well-received by audiences.

His successful career in television, film and stage has seen him give unforgettable performances in The Norman Gunston Show, Mother and Son and more recently Moulin Rouge. MacDonald says his latest project Up for Grabs , is a show about people.

'It's set around a work of art, but it's not about art,' he said.

The show follows the fight among three self-obsessed characters who are bidding for a Brett Whiteley piece for all the wrong reasons.

'It's their greed and their selfish motives that bring them all unstuck,' MacDonald said.

'You start to really see what is making these people tick and how they feel about themselves and whether they'll be redeemed or not.

'It's very funny and it's pretty crude in parts.'

MacDonald has worked with Williamson on four other occasions, starring in productions such as After The Ball, Emerald City and Don's Party. 'I love his work because it's so demanding.'

But it may not be as crude as Da Ali G Show, of which MacDonald admits to being a big fan.

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