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Metal Masters find Baby Love in Studio

Metal Masters find Baby Love in Studio

Who: Frankenbok, Dreadnaught
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Friday July 20, 2001

THE Cambridge Hotel will become a haven for metal fans on July 20 when Frankenbok perform with Dreadnaught on their national Devastation Vacation tour. Hailing from Melbourne, Frankenbok have recently completed work on their debut film clip for their cover version of Madison Avenue 's dance anthem Don't Call Me Baby. The revamped track seems an unlikely choice for the group, but guitarist Aaron Butler insists that the decision to record the track came from an appreciation of the song.

The track was recorded while Madison Avenue were working in the same studio, and they believe Madison Avenue 'do the dance thing very well'.

'The whole bass line thing, we could not deny it. We just joked around and said we should do a cover of that, and then we thought we actually really should,' Butler says.

The track has been included on the group's new The Loopholes and Great Excuses EP.

Frankenbok have also been invited to play on the main stage at October's Metal For The Brain Festival. The group's debut album, Greetings and Salutations , was released last year and the group has performed alongside artists such as Ben Harper, Fatboy Slim, Segression and Superheist. The group will be joined by Tasmanian metal rockers Dreadnaught, who have just released their brand new EP One Piece Missing.

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