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Versatility is Cruisers' Attraction

Versatility is Cruisers' Attraction

Who: The Cruisers
Where: Kurri Kurri Bowling Club
When: Friday February 9, 2001

When you're playing three or four sets a night at the local club, bands such as THE CRUISERS know you have to be versatile.

That's how the five-piece, playing this Saturday, February 3, at Kurri Kurri Workers Club and Friday, February 9, at Western Suburbs Leagues Club, has remained successful.

According to guitarist TREVOR PARKINSON 'most of the crowds stay on the dance floor' regardless of age group.

'If you can keep the crowds on the dance floor, then the club is happy,' he said.

With JOHN HALLS on drums, DARIO ROSSI on lead vocals, and Parkinson on guitar, the group added CRAIG HORDER on bass and JOHN GILCHRIST on keyboards in August.

The band plays a mixture of the 70s, 80s and 90s, and even Top 40.

'If there's a room full of oldies, we'll play our 50s stuff, but when a younger crowd comes along later in the night, we can cater for them,' he said.

'Some of our heavier stuff includes AC/DC, LED ZEPPELIN and SANTANA, but we can go back to do songs by ELVIS, BUDDY HOLLY and THE EVERLY BROTHERS.'

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