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Long Hot Summer . . .

Long Hot Summer . . .

Who: Screamfeeder
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday February 1, 2001

Screamfeeder guitarist Tim Steward torched then smashed his guitar at Homebake earlier this month. Presumably no-one told him his latest album, Rocks On The Soul, had just been named Triple J album of the week! With bass player Kellie Lloyd and drummer Dean Shwereb, Steward and his Brisbane-based sidekicks have written six albums of 'noisy rock music' in 10 years. 'We're big fans of pop, too, and with each subsequent album the pop angle is more apparent,' the band says. 'We do listen to a lot of pop but our own pop is different; not overly derivative, we hope.' Screamfeeder will perform tomorrow night at the Northern Star Hotel.

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