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Hard Rock Band Born From Advertisement

Hard Rock Band Born From Advertisement

Who: Insolence

When a 17-year-old STUART DICK walked into Music Headquarters Corner four years ago, he read an advertisement for a guitarist that struck a chord.

'They were looking for a guitarist who was influenced by SEPULTURA, SLAYER, METALLICA and FEAR FACTORY,' Dick said.

After responding to the advertisement, placed by guitarist TIM BATISTA, the nucleus of hard rock band INSOLENCE was formed.

Insolence, playing on Saturday night at the Hunter On Hunter Hotel with SCAR CHILD and CONATION, will launch its debut self-titled CD this weekend.

'After our first gig at the Toronto Workers Club, we decided we should start writing our own songs and recording some demos,' Dick said.

While Dick and Batista write the music, lead singer DANIEL RUITER - known to his friends as 'Wippit' - writes the lyrics.

'We'd heard of this guy who used to sit in his room and scream and shout, so we thought we'd try him out,' Dick said.

'He's a very strange boy.'

The group hopes to use the seven-track recordings, completed at home using a digital eight-track recorder and a computer, to apply for a berth on the annual METAL FOR THE BRAIN gig this year in Canberra.

Other members of Insolence are bass player DAMIEN TURTON and keyboard player DWAYNE BAKEWELL. 'With the keyboards, we add samples and melodies behind the guitars to add a bit of contrast,' Dick said.

Insolence was influenced by bands such as MORBID ANGEL and CRADLE OF FILTH, and has a 'versatile' heavy metal sound which includes elements of 'blues and classical rock'n'roll'.

Dick said he hoped fans would think of the band's debut CD as 'hair-rippingly annoying'.

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