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Powder Keg Powers On

Powder Keg Powers On

Who: Powderkeg, Nubrium, Starpark
Where: Bank Hotel
Author: Michael Gadd
When: Saturday March 3, 2001

After forming at high school in 1998, Newcastle-based punkabilly-ska band Powder Keg has progressed from playing at school fundraisers to having their own independent EP featured in Newcastle and Sydney stores.

Powder Keg will play at the Bank Hotel in Maitland on Saturday night alongside Nubrium and Starpark. All close friends, Powder Keg is made up of Greg Knights on lead guitar and vocals, Stephanie Threadgate on drums and bass player David Blackwood. Powder Keg has been playing extensively for the past six months, performing at more than 40 gigs since their first real showing at The Queens Arms in Maitland with Crawl. The three-piece has played in venues and events in and around Newcastle including the Palais Royale, SJs Hotel, Bank Hotel, Hunter on Hunter, Cambridge, The Club House, skateboarding competitions, Newcastle University and the Australian University National Surfing Titles on Newcastle Beach.

Their debut, self-funded EP, Lets Not-And Say We Did is on sale at gigs, Sound World, Centre Sounds, The Rock Shop, Beaumont Street Beat and Red Eye Records in Sydney.

The seven track EP features an added multi-media bonus, that is, footage of Knights' brother skateboarding in the nude.

Knights said he and his brother were at a friend's house, where they had a ramp and a video camera.'

'The only way Pete (the friend) would film my brother was if he did it naked,' he said.

'So he did, it is funny as hell and not too graphic, so it is cool.'

Check out www.powderkegpunkers.com to find out more.

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