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Bracken Blossoms on Second Album

Bracken Blossoms on Second Album

Who: Cameron Bracken

LOCAL singer/songwriter Cameron Bracken has been busy creating his latest masterpiece.

The budding musician has just released his second album, Steel City Soul, an album of self-discovery filled with lots of soul.

Bracken has been an integral player in the Newcastle music scene for several years and has been involved in several radio, television and musical projects.

Steel City Soul features 16 songs using piano and acoustic guitar which Bracken describes as 'blues-based songs'.

As a talented all-rounder, Bracken was the sole instrumentalist, vocalist, writer, recorder and producer of the entire album.

'I wanted to try and balance the experimental style from my first CD with more traditional songwriting methods,' Bracken said.

'I also found a balance between the simple, honest type of recording from the first with more contemporary effects and sounds.'

Bracken used a number of different instruments on the album and recorded a wide range of styles.

'I know the rules are to stick to one style, however, The Beatles' Sgt Peppers and similar albums from Cat Stevens and Pink Floyd inspired me as a kid having diverse sounds, styles and songs,' he said.

Steel City Soul is available from Sound World stores and Beaumont Street Beat.

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