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Purple a Swirl of Colourful Sound

Purple a Swirl of Colourful Sound

Who: Purple
Where: Swansea Bowling Club
When: Friday August 31, 2001

MIXING together a palette of rocking classics and popular top 40 hits is Purple. Purple is the freshly revamped version of local band Valhalla which became immensely popular on the local club and pub circuit in its six-year history.

With the departure of lead vocalist Damien Baguley, Purple has enlisted female vocalist Louise Haines as its new frontwoman.

Adding a fresh and dynamic element to the group, Louise is the perfect addition to one of Newcastle's funkiest bands.

The crowd at Swansea Bowling Club will have the chance to catch Purple in action when it performs on Friday night.

A performance by the group can include covers of hits from artists such as Killing Heidi, No Doubt, Hole, The Superjesus and Powderfinger. Louise is backed up by Jochen Walter on voice and guitar, Nathan Cayirylys on bass and Simon Wilson on drums and percussion.

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