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Gorgeous Are out For Second Serve

Who: Gorgeous
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday August 25, 2001

THE last time Gorgeous were in Newcastle they performed a stunning show at the Northern Star Hotel in March.

The acoustic duo are back and happy to return to what they describe as 'that wonderful little room.'

Since meeting just over a year ago, Gorgeous girls Emma Heeney and Fi Claus have almost become inseparable.

Combining their talents to create beautiful vocals layered with guitar, cello and violin, Gorgeous have returned with a follow-up to their debut release More. The group will launch their new EP at the Northern Star on Saturday night.

'Gorgeous is pretty important to us, it's all were doing at the moment. Fi and I are putting everything into it, doing the hard yards,' Emma Heeney said.

'I'd love to work the overseas festival circuit in a few years, but there's plenty to do here in Australia first. We're already planning the third album.'

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