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Bodyjar Pushes New Release on Start of Road Trip

Bodyjar Pushes New Release on Start of Road Trip

Who: Bodyjar, One Dollar Short, Soda Racer, Draw The Line
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Thursday August 16, 2001

Newcastle fans will be the first to see Bodyjar when the group heads out on the road to support its last album How It Works. The 12 track long-player was recorded in the band's home town of Melbourne last year.

The first single Not The Same was mixed by Kalju Tonuma who added some texture to the group's sound.

'He's good at thinking of little harmonies, extra melody parts,' frontman Cameron Baines says.

'He'd come up with some really freaky ideas.'

Bodyjar said they were shocked when Tonuma brought a keyboard into the studio.

'We're like Hang on man, we're not a synth band", but the keyboards are almost subliminal.'

The album took the group about two years to finish, from writing the first song to finishing it.

'It's a stronger set of songs, it's more melodic.

'We wanted an album that didn't have any filler track and we've got it.'

The group recently returned from the Vans Warped Tour of North America where they performed with groups like Blink 182, Pennywise and 311. The fourth single from the album Five Minutes Away was released earlier this month.

Bodyjar will move on to perform in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and the Gold Coast supporting Blink 182. Also playing tomorrow night are One Dollar Short, Soda Racer and locals Draw The Line.

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