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Hart at the Northern Star

Hart at the Northern Star

Who: Mick Hart
Where: Northern Star Hotel
Author: Michael Gadd
When: Thursday April 5, 2001

SINGER and songwriter Mick Hart will be the centre of attention at the Northern Star Hotel tomorrow night.

Last time he was in town he played a short set at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre before Bob Dylan. Hart met a rousing response for his 30-minute set, with some of the crowd momentarily forgetting who they had gone to see.

He admitted the 6000 strong crowd was easily the largest he had played before and seemed happy just to be there, playing songs mainly from his new album, Still The Flowers Bloom, released last Monday.

In his new album Hart, 30, explores a more inner, personal landscape, touching on love, pain, dreams, memories and extreme moments of hope and joy, rather than direct his energies outwards in a Dylanesque exploration of the broader social world.

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