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Golden George to Blow Newie Away…Again

Golden George to Blow Newie Away…Again

Who: george, Tonchi
Where: Fanny's
Author: Michael Gadd
When: Friday April 27, 2001

WHAT ever eclectic Brisbane band, george touches turns to gold.

Reportedly they stole the show at The East Coast Blues and Roots Festival at Byron Bay recently.

After they played a 1-hour set the crowd gave them no choice but to re-enter the stage for an encore.

A regular occurrence you may say for george, but with names such as the John Butler Trio and Ben Harper on the festival bill, you would think it would take some work to impress them.

Guitarist Nick Stewart said the band are working 10 hours a day at the moment in pre-production for their debut full-length album to be produced by Dave Nicholas, in between gigs.

'It's intense, the other day we had to have a rest cause it's been so full-on,' he said.

But inevitably, the hard work will pay off for this band, which defies speculation that an independent band cannot achieve huge popularity.

george will play at Fanny's Nightclub on Friday with Newcastle's Tonchi. Since 1996, george have grown rapidly to become one of Australia's most exciting new original bands, with a broad and dedicated national audience.

The double A side Bastard Son/Holiday EP, available through Shock Records, has received high rotation on Australian national youth radio network Triple J as well as music television networks Channel V and MTV. Check out their website at www.george.net.au

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