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Three is Hip

Three is Hip

Who: Scram
Where: Grand Hotel
When: Saturday September 30, 2000

Playing contemporary, standards, fusion, new-age and improvised jazz, the Hip trio, at the Town Hall Hotel, Waratah, on Friday night puts a new spin on Miles Davis, Coltrane, Thelonius Monk and Duke Ellington. Hip stands for 'highly improvised performance'. Its members, the three Js, are Jason Quinn on drums, Julian Hoyle on bass and 'Joey' on guitar.

COMBINING 'rarely heard hits with recent releases' is how SCRAM intends to piece together this Saturday night's classic rock show at the Grand Hotel. Scram plays classic 1980s rock from DURAN DURAN, CHEAP TRICK, HUNTERS & COLLECTORS and THE DIVINYLS, as well as 1990s rock from PEARL JAM, BLINK 182, THE LIVING END and SILVERCHAIR. The group's members have plenty of experience, from groups such as THE WAYNE SPARK BAND, QUAAN and SNOGLUST, featuring WAYNE (SPARKY) SIMPSON on guitars, guitar synth and vocals, MICK HURLEY on drums, backing, TIM AYRES on bass, guitar and vocals and MATT MCCLURE on guitar, bass and backing vocals.

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