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Shake 'em Like Crazy

Shake 'em Like Crazy

Who: Machine Gun Fellatio
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday September 30, 2000

Bring out all those cute tail feathers, THE album you've been waiting for has finally arrived.

It's called BRING IT ON!, it's by MACHINE GUN FELLATIO, and this Saturday night at the Northern Star Hotel is the place to see it performed live.

But first a word of warning. The 16-track album contains song titles such as DRUG SEX, SMOOTH SEXY MONKEY and BUTTER MY ASS WITH A PIGEON. These will come as no surprise to TRIPLE J listeners who most recently heard from the MGF crew through a track called MOFO ON A MOTORCYCLE, described by the group as 'a song that the whole family could gather round and swear along to'.

The band's live show is a spectacle to behold, combining elements of techno, rock, cabaret and burlesque. Don't miss it. TE

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