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Brand New Version of Country Rock

Brand New Version of Country Rock

Who: Adam Brand
Where: Cardiff Panthers
Author: Anthony Scully
When: Friday October 13, 2000

SINCE releasing his debut album GOOD FRIENDS country'n'urban music singer ADAM BRAND has made plenty of new musical friends on both sides of the fence.

Brand, playing at Cardiff Workers Club on Friday, October 13, grew up listening to as much rock'n'roll as he did country music.

It's these influences emerging through Brand's music that have contributed to the artist's crossover success, and sales of more than 50,000 CDs.

'Country has always had a bit of an image problem,' he said.

'I think there's so much that people can get from it because it isn't just about some guy riding through the outback on a horse, playing a banjo.'

In Brand's case his songs are more likely to be about driving a speed car on a dirt track, or his ute across the Nullarbor, with his speakers blaring out something as diverse, and earthy as he is.

'I heard a lot of different music when I was young,' he said.

'Lots of ELVIS, EVERLY BROTHERS, ROY ORBISON and then TRAVIS TRITT, LYLE LOVETT, JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP, DWIGHT YOAKIM and RANDY TRAVIS. 'When you grow up with all those people, hearing them all the time, you either love it or hate it. I love it!

'I love doing what I'm doing and I love writing songs that mean something to the people I play them to.'

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