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Festival Comes to an End

Festival Comes to an End

What: Ausmusic Week Gig
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Sunday October 22, 2000

Celebrations planned to boost music industry

Newcastle bands will join with SJ's Hotel on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the end of AUSMUSIC week, an annual event that brings together participants of the music industry.

Ausmusic Week, usually celebrated in November, was brought forward this year to coincide with the PACIFIC CIRCLE MUSIC EXPO 2000 being held this week at Fox Studios, Sydney.

Organisers JIM HALLIGAN, a Hunter musician and arts worker for the Hunter music industry, and Hunter musician SHANE WILLIAMS, said the gig would provide a forum for musicians to celebrate original Hunter music.

'Ausmusic Week is basically a week where bands and the music industry get together to get their product heard,' Williams said.

'Hopefully it will get people talking about how to help the music scene, and also just to say thanks to SJ's for supporting original music.'

SJ's Hotel and artists will contribute the venue and their time, free, with a show from 4pm until 10pm.

Bands confirmed for Sunday include LIQUAFACTION, STRENGTH TO STRENGTH, BEYOND THE TREELINE, LUKE, HEDDY'S REVENGE and CABIN FEVER, with more acts to be confirmed closer to the day.

'It's a week to promote local or Australian music,' Halligan said.

'It's a free gig and a good way for people within the industry and audiences to show support for original music.'

Meanwhile Hunter musicians are encouraged to attend the PCM Expo, which begins tomorrow in Sydney, and lasts four days.

Unsigned bands from around Australia will perform. The PCM Expo also features vital workshops and information for bands and artists interested in breaking into the music industry.

A full program is available from www.pcmexpo.com.au

Many of the concerts at FOX STUDIOS in Sydney are free, including the 2pm Saturday concerts at the Fox & Lion, featuring Newcastle's MUZZY PEP and the Sunday concert at Bent St, where the SCREAMING JETS will perform.

Other gigs include a free show on Saturday at the Hordern Pavilion featuring KILLING HEIDI and many other bands presented by TRIPLE J.

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