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Musicians Inspired by Fakery

Musicians Inspired by Fakery

Who: Sunk Loto, Royal Crown Review, Resin Dogs, The Avelanches
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
Author: Sam Bartlett
When: Thursday October 26, 2000

YOUNG Aussie quartet SUNK LOTO is bringing its angst-driven symphonies of new-age metal to Newcastle University, for the Disorientation Ball, on October 26.

Sunk Loto will be joined on stage by the ROYAL CROWN REVUE, RESIN DOGS and THE AVALANCHES, for an end-of-term party at the student union's Brennan Room.

Sunk Loto's members, aged 15-19 years, have more than made their mark on the music industry with startling originality and extraordinarily gifted musicianship for a band so young.

And with the release of the debut full-length album BIG PICTURE LIES, Sunk Loto are well on the way to international rock stardom.

Testament to the band's sound, Big Picture Lies is all over the shop, suggesting a promising future, while summing up the coagulation of influences from hip-hop, rock, metal and even classical.

'We leave it to the general public to decide themselves what the Big Picture Lie is,' guitarist Luke McDonald said.

'You look at the big picture and think that's what I have to be like",' vocalist JASON BROWN said.

'The title's saying that the big picture lies.'

Raised in the steamy suburbs of the Gold Coast, the band says the mess of kitsch tourist-town fakery and contradictions has inspired the intense music it produces.

'It's been an inspiration because we feel rejected from this society,' Jason said.

'It's just hard for me to walk down the main street of the Gold Coast. It's so plastic and fake, and you just see everyone trying so hard.'

The inspiration has so far taken the shape of the acclaimed Society Anxiety EP, attached radio fave Vinegar Stroke and new single Make You Feel.

The EP showed a musicianship far beyond the band members' years, but even Brown had to admit 'it sounds under 18'.

'Big Picture Lies has more to it,' he said.

'The end result has been a massive wall of noise, coloured with myriad ideas.'

Massive it is indeed.

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