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Bridie's Choice for Solo Career

Bridie's Choice for Solo Career

Who: David Bridie
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday November 1, 2000

THIS year, after 13 years as a member of a band, an in-demand producer and a composer of film soundtracks, DAVID BRIDIE produced his debut solo album ACT OF FREE CHOICE. Bridie has been nominated in four categories of the ARIA awards, to be presented on October 24 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, and will perform in Newcastle next month.

The former member of NOT DROWNING, WAVING and MY FRIEND THE CHOCOLATE CAKE, will perform with his band at SJ's Hotel on Wednesday, November 1.

Act Of Free Choice has been nominated for Album of the Year and Best Alternative Release. Bridie has been nominated for Best Male Artist and as a producer for IN A SAVAGE LAND in the category of Best Original Soundtrack Album.

Bridie's album is as spine-tingling as any of his soundtracks and is 'subdued and confident' with lyrics that are 'simple and unadorned, the music deep and textured'. 'I was unafraid,' Bridie said.

'I wasn't scared of singing back, of keeping it simple. I wanted to pull the listener in. I didn't want to overdo it.

'I didn't want big killer choruses, I didn't want to hit the listener with this big song. I wanted them to move towards the music and still find it rewarding after lots of listens.' TE

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