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Pennywise Drops In

Pennywise Drops In

Who: Pennywise
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Thursday November 23, 2000

HUNDREDS of skaters, surfers and energy junkies will have ants in their pants over next month's PENNYWISE gig at Newcastle Workers Club.

Guitarist FLETCHER DRAGGE, bass player RANDY BRADBURY, lead singer JIM LINDBERG and drummer BYRON MCMACKIN are back in time for a new live album out through Shock Records.

The high-energy four-piece were due to perform in April, but postponed the gig until November 23 because of a family illness.

In April, 'Fletch' told TE the band loved to play in Australia, which he described as 'a lot like California, but without the attitude'.

'It's just a lot less violent,' he said.

'A lot of good waves and good weather.'

Pennywise appreciated the Australian audiences who were 'really energetic', and into Pennywise's high energy music.

LIVE AT THE KEY CLUB, which features 18 live tracks chronicling songs from the band's career, is typically fast and furious.

According to Fletch 'high energy' is a much better term than punk to describe where it's at for Pennywise, although the styles had similarities.

'It's almost like they should think up a different name for it,' he said.

'To me punk rock was total anarchy and destruction, and it was real nihilistic, and it was pretty dark actually back in those days.'

Pennywise offers more hope than the bands who kicked off punk more than 20 years ago.

'When we started the band, we decided to put a positive twist on the same sort of energy and aggression, but kind of maybe put some more hope in our songs,' he said.

'There's a lot of bands doing that now, and I think the whole movement changed. It's not about anarchy (any more), I mean you can't have anarchy when 10million people buying OFFSPRING records you know, it's not very original any more.'

TE has a copy of LIVE AT THE KEY CLUB to give away.

To go in the draw mail an envelope, with your name, address and telephone number on the back, to PENNYWISE CD GIVEAWAY, PO Box 615, Newcastle, 2300.

Or enter on-line at www.nnp.com.au TE

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